Do You Believe in Fairies?


Yesterday when I went home on my lunch break, I grabbed my camera because I knew I wanted to possibly go exploring somewhere after work. I did not have any ideas of where I wanted to explore, just knew that I needed to go be out somewhere in nature and enjoy the day since it had finally stopped raining. It was still cloudy and there were a few raindrops here and there but everything just felt so alive!


I started to drive towards the coast like I normally do on days when traffic is bad. If I'm going to be stuck in slow traffic I'd much rather have a view than be stuck on the interstate staring at other cars. There's a little trail that I drive by almost every day and always think to myself, 'hmm one day I need to make a stop there and explore'. Well that day finally came!


I really wasn't sure what I was expecting when I got out of the car but it wasn't this. I was completely surprised by how absolutely peaceful this trail was. It smelled amazing! Especially after all the rain that day, the air was just so fresh and smelled of flowers and springtime grass. It felt like I was walking into another world... all you could here were birds singing and crickets chirping.


It truly was like stepping into a little fairy wonderland. All the plants were dancing in the wind to the tunes of the crickets and birds and when you looked closely, the flower petals looked like little fairies. I spent an entire hour here by myself, there wasn't anyone else on the trail, you could barely hear the traffic over the birds and crickets which really made it like I was just in another world for the time being. I sat down and watched the birds fly, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds, and then everything really came to life. I walked as quietly as I could and tried to make as little noise as possible because I felt like I was intruding on the fairies working their springtime magic. It reminded me of my grandmother's garden, she was truly a magical woman and I swear to this day she had to have had fairies working in her garden because everything was always thriving. No matter how intense the Arizona heat was or the winter cold, everything was always bright, alive, and happy!


Spring time is both mine and my mother's favorite time of the year. It always reminds us of my grandmother and we feel her here with us. It's a time for growth and new beginnings. It reminds us that even the darkest of days can lead to brighter ones. My days were starting to feel a little dark and I was feeling a little sad and lost. After my little adventure in the fairy meadow yesterday, I feel rejuvenated! Sometimes being in nature is all that we need to heal whatever ails us. Nature reminds you that there is magic all around if only we take the time to open our eyes.


The fairies in the meadow have renewed my spirit and inspired me to chase my dreams even further, I hope they do the same for you.