Is it Fall or Summer?

It was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day in Solana Beach, California yesterday! Not a cloud in sight, the marine layer cleared before noon, and it was 66 degrees but felt perfectly warm. This is what Fall looks like along the coast in Southern California. It's no wonder why San Diego County has a population of nearly 3.3 million people! I can honestly say this is my favorite time of year out here, it's not too hot or too cold, it's just right. You can still enjoy a beautiful day at the beach while sipping on your iced coffee but be cozy in a light sweater. This is my kind of "Sweater Weather"!

These gorgeous ladies decided they wanted to have their Fall Mother-Daughter photos taken at Fletcher's Cove and Cedros Avenue in Solana. This is one of their favorite cities in San Diego and it is very near and dear to their hearts. I've known these two since I was 16 years old, they've watched me grow through the years just as I've watched them grow. These two are so wonderful to be around, their smiles and laughter are just so contagious! We can sit and talk about anything and everything for hours and hours and just completely lose track of time.

Life has been throwing them a lot of curveballs lately and they have handled everything with such grace and their bond is so special. They've really shown me what it means to take life's punches and just say, hey-okay this is happening but you know what? I'm still so grateful to be here living this life and for the people in it. Life happens. I am choosing to be happy no matter what! I am blessed and this life is precious. These two are so strong and they are both doing such amazing things. I am so lucky to have them in my life I cannot wait to see what they do next on their journey!

Thank you both so much for letting me share these precious moments with you.

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