The sunset at the Marigold fields and pumpkin patch made for the perfect setting for Fall photos for this beautiful couple. Carlsbad Strawberry Company decided to add a few new attractions to their annual pumpkin patch and corn maze and they really out did themselves this year! I hope these beautiful flower fields make another appearance next Fall too. The Marigolds were grown on a little hill that's normally bare this time of the year and has a perfect view of our wonderful ocean. I was so excited when this couple reached out to me wanting to have their Fall session at sunset for golden hour. After searching a few different locations they decided that this would be the perfect location to create some amazing Fall memories here in Southern California. The sun sets very quickly this time of the year but we had a perfect window of opportunity to capture that beautiful golden light coming through the Marigolds and the corn fields. I absolutely loved working with them! They really made my job easy because they were just so happy and all smiles and laughs throughout our session which made for even greater moments to capture. They were so patient and positive and didn't let the heavy crowd and busy evening bother them in the slightest.

It was clear to see how much you two love one another and how special your bond is. I am immensely grateful that you put your faith and trust in my work and I want to thank you both for choosing me to help capture these special Fall moments together.

I hope to see you both soon for your Christmas photos!

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